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We live in a blessed and fruitful land, where some of the most famous products of the world are produced. It’s a place full of hidden treasures and rare nature gifts – Greece.

With passion, respect and persistence, we listen carefully to the stories of this place, effortlessly searching for anything special, for the finest products it offers us.

We are so grateful.

Each step we take is a unique experience; each moment is full of rich aromas and strong taste sensations.

Let us offer that all to you…

Feel the taste of pure quality.

Olive Oil

From the holy area of ancient Olympia to the sub-mountainous shores of western Peloponnese, with much care and respect, we collect this unique and of low acidity Ultra – Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a limited quantity.

The process of collection at the proper time of maturity, the direct production of olive oil within only few hours following the by hand picking of the olives as well as the rare microclimate of the region provide this special product with unique quality features, strong aroma, mild fruity taste and exceptional for the health qualities of the renowned olive koroneiki.

This type of extra virgin olive oil is a part of the production described as of the best quality all over the world.

A precious gift of the nature…

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